What do you do?

“I visually explore the world of character be it animate or inanimate objects and whatever falls in between. I utterly believe it is the very reason I exist and breathe”


Why do you do what you do?

“If I didn’t I would probably be a connoisseur of comics who moonlights as an astronaut. I digress. I get to help bring a little a bit of wonder and excitement to the world with each design and that means the world to me”


What are you passionate about?

“If I’m honest, I can’t get enough of people. We are a society of fads and culture, we express it unduly in ourselves through clothing and hairstyles and Mother Nature’s DNA. These little puzzle pieces build up truly interesting subjects and what’s more; putting these humanistic attributes onto animals or objects is unbelievably fun. Release character onto everything I say”


How are you trying to change the world through your creative work?

“I believe that with my art I can connect with people and showcase their identities doing them justice. The world won’t change if we don’t explore every possibility, every character, till every person can celebrate themselves”


Why should people invest in you?

“My fellow adventurer and good reader up to this point, you should invest in something you enjoy looking at. If you like looking at art specifically character designs then look no further”

What have people said about your work?

“Adam Waters worked with me from the period of November 2015 while working alongside me, he performed the functions of the visual development. During that period, Adam was an extraordinary co-worker. He was very creative, curious, insightful and very efficient in a short amount of time. He has a tremendous sense of teamwork and I think he will do an excellent job wherever he works in the future.” Rishabh Kumar director and creator of short Animation ‘Golu’


What accomplishments do you have?

In my brief existence so far I have achieved:

. A levels  A* Art, A* Photography and B in Media studies

. 1st honours bachelor degree in Animation Arts University Bournemouth

.First job working as a Visual Development Artist for Golden Oak pictures and Wanda Studios


What made you get into art?

I have always been keen to draw, on anything. I have scribbled on walls, toys the occasional voluntary person. I think the first pack of crayons or paint awakened my imagination that continues to evoke my work to this day.  I didn’t souly find art, it found me through amazing art books such Tony Diterlizzi’s the Spiderwick field guild and every animated movie conceivable.